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What Creative Features Does a Web Design Agency Include in a Website?

What Creative Features Does a Web Design Agency Include in a Website?

Companies in this era of competition are finding it difficult to keep up; despite having good quality products and services. One of the main reasons is that their websites are not attractive and have the creative features that make the website unique. The team at our web design agency has the knowledge and experience to create a great website for you.

Understanding Process of Website Development by Web Design Agency

If you plan to hire a web design company to either create a new website or upgrade the original one, you must know the process our team at The Appeal Design goes through. This will give you an insight into the process.

Brainstorming Session with the Client

When you call upon our designing team, the members will sit with you and have a brainstorming session. In this setting, the clients' requirements in terms of the website are known. Knowledge of the products or services they are dealing with and other special features they want to add to the website is discussed.

Creating Samples for the Clients

As the team will have an idea of the things and features clients want in their website, the designers will start creating two to three sample websites with different themes and color combinations according to its logo.

Construction of the Website Begins

The sample websites are presented to the clients, and the best one is selected. Then the website designers and developers sit together and create the website. Read more about website construction in this article: How Does A Web Design Agency Create Websites?

The Website is Launched for Testing

Our team launches the website as a test run after the website is created. This is done to check if the website has any issues occurring, like the page loading speed is slow, or the images and videos are not playing correctly.

Issues in the Webpages are Resolved

If the issues mentioned above occur on the website, the team will resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

Development Team Prepares for Post-Launch Problems

The team's task at our Atlanta web design company doesn’t stop at the launch of the website. The website developers have to check the issues that might reoccur.

Creative Features of a Website Atlanta Web Design Company Should Include

One of the important reasons your business is not expanding is that your website does not have creative features. If this is the issue you are facing, it is a good idea to contact us at The Appeal Design website.

Choosing the Right Font Size

The font size is often right, but the style can become unreadable. The important text that has to be of the right size and style include the company’s name, slogan, description of services and products, special offers.

The Design of a Website is Exceptional

Clients confuse between the exceptional and complicated design of a website. The website's design should have a simple arrangement of design, colors, features, images, video, and elements of a web design.

One Image Set for Background

Using an image as a background is becoming a new trend. The main point to know here is that the image should be according to the company’s products or services they are offering.

Audio or Video Playback in Backdrop

Audio and video that the company develops to provide info to the clients can be added as a backdrop on different website pages.

Picture Size is Normal

Larger images have higher resolutions that can slow down the website's loading speed. The designing team will add normal-sized images but not reduce the resolution.

Animation is the Latest Trend

Animation can be used for several features on the website that are added by the web design agency team, including navigation, hover animation, page loading, grabbing attention, creating a unique background, and images in the gallery section of the website. These are the creative features that our web designing agency offers to create a great website.

Here are a few questions that will further enhance your understanding of website design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five essential features of a website?

The main and essential features that a web design agency should focus on are an attractive URL, easy navigation, compatibility with different mobile devices, a unique design, and access to social media platforms.

How do you design a Web page?

First, the web design company will have a brainstorming sitting with the client. The exchange of ideas is done. The company will provide a few sample designs, the client will select one to be created, and finally, the website will be created and launched.

What are the four stages of web design?

The four stages of web design include defining the purpose of website creation, exploring design ideas, optimization of the web design, and finalizing the design by the client.

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