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Email? What's this email thing? I doubt we'll ever use it.

More and more print media is giving way to email marketing campaigns. In a nutshell, Email Marketing is faster, easier to deliver, and less expensive. Appeal Design has a great deal of experience in not only replicating your website theme through email, but also creating content that will register with a client. Compelling subject lines, a direct Call to Action, and consistent theme are paramount in the push marketing world.

We not only will make sure that the content is succinct, we will ensure funnels users towards the desired action. Need a list to blast to? We work with vendors that provide targeted opted-in lists. Whatever the case, email marketing must marinate sometimes. It is not only through consistent thematic marketing that customers are obtained; repetition is also key in attracting new customers.

Call to Action (C2A) and the Loss Leader

Ever wonder why a 2 liter of Coke is so cheap at the grocery store? Oftentimes, for less than a smaller soft drink. The supermarket is selling the beverage at a loss, but why?

Answer: They know that you will most likely buy 7 additional items on average. The same concept can apply to your email marketing. Your Call to Action should accompany a free giveaway or discounted item. Customers have higher brand loyalty when they are in unfamiliar territory. By offering a white paper or a free consultation, you are establishing your ground as a subject matter expert. Your client wants to be efficient. They want to do their research once and have a go-to solution afterwards. Your loss leader may initially cost you some profit, but it is better to cultivate your relationship with the client.


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