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How Does a Web Design Agency Create Websites?

How Does a Web Design Agency Create Websites?

Websites are now ranked among the essential tools of success for a modern business in the digital world. They act as the face of the brand and are a critical part of the sales funnel. A web design agency has the most critical role in providing any business with a website that matches their needs and requirements. Several steps are involved in creating one, such as choosing a platform to create the site and then the domain name. Advanced web development platforms have made the process quick and convenient as you don’t have to learn a complex computer language to become a web developer.
However, this article discusses the steps of creating a website for any purpose. Read till the end to get some valuable information.

Steps Taken by Web Design Agencies to Create Websites

Though there are complicated ways of web development, like using languages such as HTML and PHP, we’ll be discussing a simpler method of doing so. There are only three steps involved, and anyone can create a site without learning to program and code, like in the past. The procedure is discussed below.

Choose a Website Platform

The first step any Atlanta web design agency would take in creating a website is choosing the right platform for the purpose. These companies choose a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Wix for web development. These platforms are simple, easy to use and create quick and responsive websites. They have ready-to-use templates and themes so that your website is created within no time. The good thing about them is that they’re free to use. The most popular of them today is WordPress, and about half of the websites developed are built on this platform.

Get Domain Name and Host

Getting a domain name for your website is critical because you need to name your website after your business or whatever you wish. Having domain and hosting of your own isn’t free and costs more or less $5 a month. However, that allows you to appear more professional and get official email accounts with your company name. The agency designing and creating a website for you will ensure that the domain name matches your company’s. While the firm is responsible for everything else, you need to make sure they choose an attractive and memorable domain name for your website.

Website Design

The most critical step in the whole process is designing the website because that can either make or break your business. It is the primary job of a web design agency, and they’re responsible for making sure it is eye-catching and user-friendly. It all begins with choosing the suitable theme that matches the type of your business and the services it provides. The color scheme also revolves around it, and the pages are created accordingly. Lastly, they add content and give the website a test run before making it live.

These are just three simple steps these agencies take to create a website using different platforms like WordPress. If you have any questions about web development, digital marketing or want to avail of these services, contact Appeal Design to get what you look for.

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