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SEO and SEM Services as a Standard

If Google likes you, everyone else usually does.

With millions of companies all vying to be seen by the eyes of customers you need to be sure that your services and offerings are prominently displayed. Appeal Design can work with you to make sure that your brand is not being missed in the shuffle.

There are 2 aspects of SEO: Inherent tagging done once at the generation of a website, and ongoing article creation usually done on a monthly basis. Appeal design builds in the Inherent SEO as a standard to your website. We suggest after a site launch that a website wait for a bit before employing ongoing services as they may not be needed. This need is largely dependent on your competition for certain search terms.

Tricking search engines into seeing your site is known as "Black Hat SEO". Black Hat works for the short term, but can quickly result in your site becoming de-indexed. The consequences of Black Hat can be devastating. Google is currently the industry leader, and a red flag from them will blacklist you for all three of the major engines. Before you hire a company to do SEO/SEM for your company, make sure their practices are legit.

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