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Web Design Agency Bringing You Trends to Look Out In 2022

Web Design Agency Bringing You Trends to Look Out In 2022

Web designs need to be up to date because of their link with technology and innovation. The designs need to display innovation in different forms like animation and create immersion experiences for the end-user. In 2022, with the increased competition on online platforms, companies need to develop unique design elements on their website to make their mark. In this blog post, our web design agency brings you the top design trends that will enhance the user experience, helping you stay ahead in your industry.

So, let’s begin with the trends that can help you get the desired results without any delay.

Our Web Design Agency Suggests Complex Gradients 

The first trend on the list is complex gradients. Now, when it comes to gradients, it isn’t an alien concept in the web design world. However, they have come a long way in the past few years. In 2022, complex gradients are becoming a vibrant trend, as they are widely used in web designs to add depth to flat images.

Based on the expertise of The Appeal Design developers, this trend shouldn’t be ignored because of its gaining popularity. Complex gradients are making their way to the list because they offer room for creativity. It also helps attract customers since they want something unique yet minimalistic. It creates the illusion of movement with a simple design, so it might be a good option for you.

Claymorphism Is All the Hype In 2022

It is one of the newest and fresh concepts where the designers add 3D humans/hands or any other illustration to give an interactive look to the website. This allows our Atlanta web design company to help your website stand out from the rest while keeping the minimalistic theme intact.

Usually, these illustrations are designed by blending four different styles, including:

  • Pastel, light, or vivid colors
  • Inner shadow (double)
  • Rounded corners 
  • Outer shadow

Try Out Behavioral Designs 

The behavioral website designs comprise design, psychology, technology, and creative methods to find the user methods and see how they would react to a certain option provided. For instance, certain apps and websites allow you to see how many calories you have burned by walking, and it makes you feel good knowing your progress. It motivates you to walk daily to see healthy results. That’s the best example of behavioral design. It makes the user experience interesting, encouraging them to trigger a certain behavior.

Go with Visible Borders 

The visible lines give your website a realistic look and give out a clean impression. This is the main reason this trend will be popular in 2022. Simple borders and frames are added to reveal the foundation of the layouts. A visible line between two sections also enhances the user experience without making everything cluttered.

These are a few trends that our web design agency suggests businesses to think about if they want to attract new customers. Reach out to us today for your website, and we’ll help you make a strong impact on the customers.

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