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Web Design and SEO: How to Rank Well with This Duo

Web Design and SEO: How to Rank Well with This Duo

Do you want your company to be on the front page of search results? Then, our web design agency can help you educate yourself on the intertwined areas of web design and search engine optimization (SEO). Designing and creating websites following SEO best practices is what is meant by "web design and SEO." A higher search engine ranking means more visitors, potential customers, and revenue for your business when you build a site with solid SEO and design.

Read on to learn how to implement SEO best practices into your website's layout like a pro Atlanta SEO services and web design agency.

What is SEO web design?

Building a site with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind is what this term refers to. Websites that are optimized for search engines are those that adhere to the standards set out by search engines themselves. SEO website design made by a web design agency makes it simpler for search engines to interpret and rank a company's website, improving its visibility and traffic.

Why is SEO-friendly web design crucial?

It would appear that search engine optimization (SEO) and web design are two different elements of the same puzzle, given that design is concerned with visual features and SEO impacts how a site is found. That's correct, up to a certain point. You can't expect a web design agency to manage the work of a search engine optimizer (SEO). That doesn't mean that SEO and web design can't complement one another.

The combined effect of the two can benefit your company's bottom line. Knowing the significance of website design and search engine optimization is crucial if you consider having a site made or redesigned.

SEO web design is important because:

  • Your SEO can be destroyed or hurt by web design: When a company launches a new site or rebrands to a new domain name, it often loses all of its SEO rankings overnight because no 301 redirects were ever set up. A page's new location can be sent to search engines via a 301 redirect.
  • SEO may impact your website’s design: You'll frequently discover that these aspects directly affect how you design your site when you consider SEO best practices that are relevant to web design, such as page speed optimization and site architecture. You'll have trouble ranking where you want if you ignore SEO.

Avoiding search engine optimization in website design is a common mistake that can seriously affect a company's visibility in search results and bottom line. The two go hand in hand, as you can build the SEO strategy upon the website's structure.

8 Tips for Web Design and SEO By a Web Design Agency

1. Design

Of course, your web design agency in Atlanta, GA, should settle on your site's design fundamentals. But there are a few things they should remember for search engine optimization:

  • Code
  • Readability
  • Mobile friendliness

2. Images

You could believe the only part of your site that needs improvement is the copy, but you'd be wrong. If you have designers working on your site, they should follow some guidelines while adding photos.

  • Descriptive and logical file names
  • Small file size to avoid bounce rate
  • Optimized alt tags

3. Site architecture

The potential to rank highly depends heavily on your site's architecture, which your designer may or may not have much control over depending on how involved you (or your SEO) are in the process. Here are some things to remember:

  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Descriptive URL structure

Set Up Your Site's Web Design and SEO For Success

We hope this page clarifies the relationship between web design and SEO. Appeal Design can assist you in combining the two if you have queries or are considering a redesign.

Our professional team of designers, developers, and SEO team at our web design agency will help you create a functioning and visually appealing website. Learn more about our Atlanta SEO services and web design agency in Atlanta, GA, by contacting us online or calling (800) 616-9598!

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