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The UI/UX Trends Atlanta Web Design Company Will Follow In 2021

The UI/UX Trends Atlanta Web Design Company Will Follow In 2021

The digital tendencies change very rapidly, so every web design company in Atlanta needs to stay updated with the latest trends. Our team has developed a guide shortlisting the UI/UX trends that people will see in Atlanta with web designs.

Let’s now explore UI/UX design trends for the year 2021.

Dark Mode

One of the trends that we saw in 2020 and expect to stay hot in 2021 is dark mode. Many big platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Apple now offer this alternative theme for their users. The reason for using this include,

  • The mode looks ultra-modern
  • Highlights the other design elements
  • It saves the battery of the device
  • Reduces the eye-strain

This trend is well-liked in web design and marketing for both mobile and desktop devices.

Alluring 3D Elements

The 3D design elements will be more well-liked in 2021. It is because of the increased momentum of AR and VR technologies. This trend will allow web designers to revamp the website to attract more customers. This way, the interested customers will stay on the website longer, increasing the average session time.

The essential requirement for 3D graphic implementation is the high performance of UI in the website. When the website is well-optimized, it can support the heavy content. As a result, the users will not face any lags or low-response time. Understanding this need of the clients, we The Appeal Design include this factor in our fast-loading web designs for better results.

Soft Shadows and Floating Elements

These factors evoke positive emotions and make the pages look slightly 3D. In addition to graphics, you can use this with text and images as well. Many UI/UX website design and branding companies in 2020 used layering and placed the elements on top of each other. Applying soft shadows to these elements enhances the depth. This combination creates the effect of a lightweight feeling.

Using this technique, we help our clients move away from the classic and immutable designs.

Blend of Photography and Graphics

Another popular trend that will be passed along in 2021 is the mixing of graphics on the images. It results in flexible and creative designs. This web design and marketing technique allow the designers to make a website you want, whether casual or tech related. It is a perfect way to customize the designs to add personality to the website.

Voice User Interface

No doubt, virtual assistants and voice chatbots have become the hottest trend nowadays. Our competent web designers help clients by introducing this human-centered design to the websites so they can stand out from competitors and get an edge in your niche.

Product Photos

As most of the shopping is now shifted to the digital world, the images you load on the website must look fabulous. With increased competition, this trend plays a vital role in helping you stand out from your competitors by attracting more people to your product. It forces the customers to stay longer on the website, increasing the session time. It can also result in an increased conversion rate.

Bold Fonts

It is not the latest trend, but it has picked momentum as a result of recent events. The webpage heading is the first thing that any customer focuses on, so it should be written in bold fonts. This technique is also a great way to add the visual focus on the thing you want to highlight. Apart from improving usability, it is also a great addition to web design.

As an Atlanta web design company, we help customers create robust and attractive websites by following the latest trends.

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