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Our Web Design Agency Helps Design a Website with User-Friendly Characteristics

Our Web Design Agency Helps Design a Website with User-Friendly Characteristics

Many businesses want their websites to just look good, ignoring the idea of usability. It is something very important that should not be overlooked. If you want to make your website be successful and responsive, then it should be a comfortable platform for the potential customers. An easy to use website helps engage customers, retains them and results in increasing sales. Appeal Design, the web design agency has created hundreds of business websites with user-friendly features. 

How our Web Design Agency creates a Customer-friendly Website?

While creating a website we keep in mind that it must be easy to navigate just like your physical outlet, where the customers easily move around, analyzing products, making comparisons and asking queries. Here we discuss the characteristics that our web design agency never forgets while creating a business website:

Compatible with Cell Phones

According to the latest GSMA data, currently there are 5.32 billion cell phone users across the globe. Carrying cell phones all the time means being in touch with the online world always. Being a smart business you must never ignore such a big lot of your customers. This is why our Atlanta web design company helps you create website designs which are perfectly mobile phone responsive. Having a mobile optimized website enables your business to be there for the customers from wherever they check in.

Accessible to all Kinds of Users

A business has all types of customers; elderly people and disabled both. Your website should be easy to use and navigate for them as well. Elderly and disabled people often use screen-readers while browsing on the internet. This is why our web design agency in Atlanta GA follows 508 website accessibility features to make your website accessible for every kind of user. We help create design that is usable for a larger audience and makes you miss nothing.

Well-informed Layout

Think about the importance of placement of products, their tagging and descriptions in a physical outlet. These measures offer great comfort to the buyers during their purchase process. We cannot ignore the fact that today’s customers have gone very smart and they make buying decisions after detailed study of a product. A well-planned website design works just like an expert salesperson, who keeps eliminating every ambiguity of the customer during the buying process. Our Atlanta web design company helps create design that exhibits a wide range of information through well segmented sections and sub categories. 

Right Formatted Content

Your product customers, even if they are interested, look for different features. Suppose you deal in wood flooring, your website visitors will land with various interests. Some of them would be interested in pure wood, others would be looking for vinyl. Both materials offer different features, comforts and need different care. Your website content must be well-formatted for letting customers skim easily what they are looking for. Understand that, not everyone is there to satisfy their reading and exploring passions. They look for the things they are mostly keen about. Therefore, our Atlanta SEO services help create prominent content break-ups with right use of headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, lists and bullets. 

Faster Website Loading

According to the latest Microsoft study, the attention span of digital customers has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, comparing it with the year 2000 and current statistics. Gone are the days of leisure and window shopping, the customers today go for intended buying and don’t like wasting time even on clicks. If you don’t want to lose the once landed interested customers, then a fast website loading time is crucial for it. Low traffic on your website, an increased bounce rate and low conversion are some of the serious results of a slow loading website and our Atlanta web design company doesn’t let this happen to you. 

Innovative Navigation

We make your customers easily scroll from one point of the website to another. Businesses often make the mistake of embedding a large amount of information on the homepage. This simply confuses the customer and makes navigation quite difficult. The best strategy here is to offer main tabs, then categories and subcategories. This makes your website design clutter-free, offering a seamless navigation. Our web design company focuses on main info in header and footer with flawless drop down menus about genres, features and details and intelligent internal linking. This way we help take your potential customers on a stress free website ride. 


What is the reason for the increased bounce rate on a website?

A slowly loading website with irrelevant images and details results in increased bounce rate. Poor display of content also makes users leave the website quickly.

How is good error handling is enabled on a website?

It is enabled with the help of embedding error codes. They display error messages, as soon as a website shows any error.

Does a good color scheme make a website user-friendly?

For sure, a good color scheme really works in retaining the customers. If the website is designed with the hindsight of right contrast between different segments, background and content, it helps promote easy navigation. 

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