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How to Remove Keyword Cannibalization with SEO Services in Atlanta?

How to Remove Keyword Cannibalization with SEO Services in Atlanta?

The aim of SEO services in Atlanta is to simplify the website, so Google can crawl and understand the content easily. However, even the most professional websites can become the target of keyword cannibalization if they are not careful.

The keyword cannibalization happens when multiple pages on the website are ranking on the same keyword. It creates problems during Google’s crawling process. It restricts Google to differentiate between the content relevancies. The result would be that it will choose a less-ideal page to rank on the search engine. It can hurt your credibility among customers.

The Problems Arises with Cannibalization

  • It diminishes the authority of the page

Instead of creating one authoritative page, by cannibalization, you will be turning the pages into competitors that can affect the page authority.

  • It will weaken the linking & anchor text

The backlinks that are supposed to strengthen one source of information will now be divided among several pages. Similarly, you will be leading the visitors to multiple pages instead of one authentic source.

  • Google will devalue the important pages

Keywords are among the main ways to help Google crawl the pages and understand the content. If all the keywords are the same, it will not differentiate which page is the best and might get it wrong.

Among these problems, it will also affect your conversion rate and indicate poor page quality.

But the main question is how do you get rid of this problem? To help our clients to resolve this issue we use the following techniques:

Restructure the Website

The simple solution that our best Atlanta SEO company provides to such a problem is to take the most authoritative page of the website and convert it into a landing page. It will link all the other unique variations. These variations will fall under the umbrella of your main focus keyword.

Produce New Lading Pages

Alternatively, the problem we have seen with various clients is the lack of a landing page that unites all the product pages in a single place. We provide the solution by creating a page that will act as an authoritative source page and links to all the variations.

Strengthen the Content

Another technique that our digital marketing in Atlanta uses is to combine pages on the website. For instance, if the pages on your website are not unique enough to cater and rank on the same keyword, combine them into one page.

By combining the two pages that were not performing well independently, will create an authoritative source and may also solve small content issues.

Replace with New Keywords

An easy way to deal with keyword cannibalization is to replace them with new ones. If the page content is rich and unique and this issue is because of someone’s poor keyword strategy, this is the ideal solution.

Our team will help to replace the old keywords with more diverse and unique ones. They will describe your pages accurately.

Usage of 301 Redirects

Our team at Appeal Design does not support the excessive use of these redirects, but if your pages are already ranking on the same keyword, this technique is ideal. This redirect helps you combine and strengthen all the cannibalized content to a single and more authoritative version.

This technique is beneficial only if the page content is similar to other pages and has the same precise keyword queries.

These solutions are most effective in removing the issue of cannibalization. By using these Atlanta SEO Services, our team aims to provide an effective solution to the clients.

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