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How Atlanta Web Design Company Keeps Uniformity in a Website?

How Atlanta Web Design Company Keeps Uniformity in a Website?

The technology of website designing has undergone several changes in which sometimes clients demand to have unique designs for each web page. But it was observed that the visitors didn’t linger on the website. So, after a lot of consideration, the web design agency found out that uniformity in the website's design was the thing to focus on.

Why does a Web Design Agency Focus on Website Uniformity?

It has been mentioned in the introductory paragraph that inconsistency in a website will not attract visitors, and if it does, then the stay time will become shorter. So, to avoid this situation and other reasons mentioned in the below points, our web development team focuses on website uniformity.

Enhance the Experience of Users

How will you attract users to your website? The simple answer is to keep them engaged. This task can be achieved by increasing the experience of the users. The website's unique design is one of many things that can be done but maintain its uniformity.

Website Compatible with Mobile Devices

Today almost all people have mobile devices ranging from Android devices, iPhones, iPads, and tablets. The whole website must open on these devices without any technical and mechanical glitches.

Decrease the Bounce-Rate

A dangerous thing that can happen is that visitors bounce off the websites. This happens when the website is not according to the visitor's expectations. They linger on for a few minutes, lose interest and go to another website.


Different Types of Uniformities in a Website

Our web design team concentrates on various kinds of uniformities that will create harmony in the website's overall design. This has a good visual impact on the audience, and people will want to visit the website repeatedly.

Consistency in Rotation

Users want to view the website from different angles by rotating their mobile devices. The website page should have the right proportion when rotated horizontally or vertically. The image or object has to be at the center point of the page.

Orientation Uniformity

The lines and dimensions of the whole website should be uniform because they have to appear straight. The images and content have to be in the right proportion; so that the website looks uniform.

Uniformity of Color

The color scheme of the website has to be similar in all aspects. Whatever colors our team at The Appeal Design select for the main or homepage, the entire website should have the same arrangement.

Atlanta Web Design Company Maintaining Uniformity

Along with the uniformities mentioned above points; our web designers focus on the following techniques to maintain uniformity in a website.

Layout Design is Same for Whole Website

The most crucial point that has to be targeted is keeping the design layout of the entire website in one theme. The main aspects of the website that should be uniform include color, design layout, size of fonts and images, and spacing.

Similar Navigation on all Pages

Some visitors get bored with the navigation of a website because it is complicated, and people can’t find the page on the navigation bar. Also, on certain occasions, the navigation is different on some pages. Our team at a web design agency in Atlanta, GA, make it a point to keep the navigation design similar.

Use Same Brand Color in Website

It is vital to know the color scheme of the logo of a business because the hues of the website have to be accordingly. If the logo and website color scheme is different, it will not look attractive, and visitors might bounce off the website.

Map Out Everything Beforehand

Before starting work on the website, the whole plan must be mapped out. In this way, the whole website will be created in uniformity.
Eliminate all Complications

The complicated website design will create issues and difficult for visitors to navigate and understand. In addition to this, if your website has extra things that are not needed, then they should be eliminated.

Our team at a web design agency will follow the above-mentioned points so that uniformity in a website is maintained. Here are important questions that enhance website design rules, their consistency, and why to have uniformity.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 golden rules for website designing?

When a designer team at a web design agency create a website, they have to follow these rules.

  1. Targeting the right audience.
  2. Inserting a call to action.
  3. Keeping check and balance.
  4. Use of valuable content.
  5. Investigating the competitors.

What is consistency in web design?

When the repeating features of a website like navigation bar, color, design layout, and contact details are consistent and uniform throughout the site, this is called consistency in a website.

Why is consistency important in web design?

The uniformity of a website is important for several reasons, including:

  1. Improving the user’s experience.
  2. Reducing the bounce rate of a website.
  3. Making website compatible on all mobile devices.

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