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5 Research-Backed Tips from A Web Design Agency for Designing a Successful Website

5 Research-Backed Tips from A Web Design Agency for Designing a Successful Website

How much attention a marketing strategy receives is readily apparent in Google Analytics for any business. What happens after that, though, is less apparent; even the most well-versed web design agency tends to overlook. That's why it's simple to offer suggestions for boosting traffic but challenging to offer guidance on improving website design. Countless elements are at play. Our web design agency, Appeal Design, has completed over a thousand web design projects, and we’re ready to share some tips from what we’ve learned over the years.

There are five less known ways to improve your website's design and get more out of each visitor. Everyone can use these, from amateurs to seasoned UX professionals in any size Atlanta web design company.

1. Stick to standard layouts

Google identified a connection between "high prototypicality" and attractiveness. In other words, strangeness frequently lacks aesthetic appeal. Websites that adhere to defined parameters have a better chance of being well-liked. Both high prototypicality and minimal visual complexity characterize the most aesthetically pleasing locations. Both are straightforward.
The following characteristics characterize the conventional "standard" website:

  • The symbol located at the top left
  • The header search bar can be used for horizontal navigation.
  • The bottom social media icons
  • Mobile-friendly layout

2. Use taller pages, and answer visitors' inquiries

The more pixels you have, the more room you have to explain things, dispute statements, and back up your claims. If the visitor has an important inquiry and doesn't find an answer, they can scroll down the page until they do. They will quit reading as soon as they are satisfied.

They researched to find out what people were most interested in knowing and then created a long page optimized by an Atlanta SEO agency to cover all of the bases. The page was 20x longer. There was a 30% increase in the rate of conversion.

3. Avoid carousels and rotating sliders

Customers have loved them for a long time, and they remain a popular choice. However, the site slideshow may only show visitors the first slide. Many studies have found the same thing. Next-slide messages and CTAs are less likely to be viewed and acted upon. Potentially widespread acceptance makes them appealing. Multiple departments' worth of stakeholders can be accommodated in the space above the fold. They work well for internal politics but should be avoided by guests.

Where do we go from here, then?

  • Arrange them in a vertical stack so that site visitors may view all of the slides by simply scrolling down the page. Suddenly, they'll be easy to spot.
  • Make the most important slide focus by utilizing a featured image. Find an effective way to encourage people to take action!

4. Use photos of real people

Faces are uniquely compelling visuals. From the moment of our birth, human beings are wired to focus their attention on other people's faces more than anything else. Pictures of individuals tend to draw in many viewers, which is great for websites. Not only do looks capture attention, but they also correlate with conversion. According to a widely cited case study conducted by Basecamp, conversion rates increased dramatically when customers' faces were included with testimonies.

5. Give evidence and add social proof

Conformity bias refers to people's natural inclination to follow the lead of those around them. Providing proof that others have picked you makes your business seem more desirable to potential clients. The objective here is to make it seem unusual for someone to choose not to work with your organization.
Demonstrate to your site visitors that you are who you claim to be. All of your marketing claims should be backed up with data.


Web design aesthetics matter. The goal of every web design agency is to facilitate the discovery process for site visitors. That's the crux of every suggestion in this blog.

Appeal Design is a full-service Atlanta web design company. In addition to corporate brand identity, Atlanta web design and development is also an SEO agency in Atlanta, with online marketing services, print services, and graphic design; we also offer a wide range of other creative services.

We compare our offerings to what we consider the greatest in the web design sector, looking for inspiration and keeping up with global trends.

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