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Schmidbauer Seminars

Art Direction, Design, Web Design and Custom Content Manager

Atlanta-Schmidbauer Seminars

Project Description

This one falls a little near and dear to us. Dr. Joseph Schmidbauer is an accomplished dentist in Toledo, Ohio. Along with dentistry, Dr. Schmidbauer and his wife Robin travel 12 weekends a year to teach and communicate orthodontics with general practitioners and dental assistants. Appeal Design developed the company logo, brand, brochures, and company website as to market the courses in various cities.

We wanted to showcase the instructors, course information, lodging information, and show off a little bit of that orthodontic know-how in this site. To come are going to be video testimonials from students as well as a case analysis tool where users can create and have Dr. Schmidbauer evaluate cases.

Tools Used

Custom CMS

Project Details

  • Client: Schmidbauer Seminars
  • Category: Web Design
  • Features
  • Custom CMS
  • Instructors Module
  • Course Module
  • Responsive
  • Ecommerce

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