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Atlanta-Gerety Orthodontic Seminars Website

Project Description

As Gerety Orthodontics Seminars team came to a full decade of online website learning, it was time for upgrades. The web had matured, and the needs of the site were more concrete. Responsive and flat design had taken over, and the needs of the forum and online  cases needed to receive an upgrade from previous site requirements. Not only did we have to migrate memberships, but we also had to migrate statuses from individual cases, course progress, and purchase history  to the new platform. for over 300 students. Appeal Design updated the web platform to a newer PHP Symfony2 infrastructure, while integrating a new design style. Online credits can now be earned from mobile devices anywhere with an internet connection. We take pride in this client in particular, as they have instilled in our work ethic a high quality of web craftsmanship to match their excellence in orthodontics.

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