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Brannen Outfitters

Art Direction, Design, Web Design and Custom Content Manager

Atlanta-Brannen Outfitters

Project Description

Located in Perry, Ga directly off of the I-75 corridor, Brannen Outfitters sits. ADorning the side of the building are logos of they myriad of brands that Brannen carries. Brannen is uniquely setup to be both a destination and a place to stop in as drivers pass by. Selling everything from apparel, to hunting gear the store is truly a hidden gem. We worked with Brannen in the Perry location to create a site that captured the outdoor spirit. We won't lie, we simply had fun with this client and we think that shows in the design.

Tools Used

Custom CMS

Project Details

  • Client: Brannen Outfitters
  • Category: Web Design
  • Features
  • Custom CMS
  • Brands Module
  • Team Module
  • News Module
  • Responsive
  • Ecommerce

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