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Appeal Design Finishes Slab View Project for Hanwha

Appeal Design worked with Hanwha Surfaces to create unique URL pages for each of its quartz line patterns. Inherent on each of the pages is a 3d rotation tool that depicts the 120" x 60" slab at different angles. Each slab pattern was photographed by Hanwha with a high resolution camera.

Appeal worked with the designers at Hanwha to then touch up the patterns, place the patterns onto a slab within 3d rendering software, and then render out at 10 degree incremental rotations. With the output images we were able to create the illusion of a real-time object rotation of 360 degrees around each pattern. The result allows users to rotate, pan, and zoom the objects using a javascript plugin. Here are some examples of our favorite patterns:

We'd like to thank the Hanwha team for not only allowing us to complete this project, but for also continuing to use us for ongoing website work.